Education technology is a field for those who consider themselves patient optimists.

Justin Reich

I’m willing to bet that you have a favorite recipe, specifically, a favorite dessert. And any time you get to have it, you’re excited.

Really excited.

So excited that you can’t wait until you get to put every scrumptious morsel in your mouth.

Go ahead, take a second and think about that cake you get for your birthday every year. You can picture it in your head, can’t you?

You can see every detail, every crumb, every swirl in the icing. You know EXACTLY how it’s going to taste as soon as it hits your tongue.

You know the outcome you want but you’re not there yet.

The same is true for many things we try to achieve in life. Personally, I’m working hard to get into the best health of my life.

I can see the end goal but MAN is it taking a long time to get there.

But with every workout, every meal, every good decision, I get a little closer to my goal.

This is exactly how it is in educational technology. We know what we want to happen. We can see it.

We have a vision in our heads that we can’t get out.

But, there are many obstacles to overcome and many minds to be changed and persuaded. There are many conversations to be had and minds to change about what is possible with technology in education.

But, we can’t ever forget that the tech isn’t what brings change.

It’s the people. People like you and me, working hard every day to improve education for our students.

The people who go above and beyond.

Thanks for being one of those people. You are the world changers.

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash