Link Roundup Friday for 9-30-2022

  1. Take a peek at this animated map showing the spread of writing worldwide over time. It’s an interesting perspective on something we all take for granted.
  2. I’m really enjoying Ryan Holiday’s latest installment in his Stoic Virtues series: Discipline is Destiny. As I continue my own journey to better health, fitness, and completing a doctoral degree, I’m finding several great stories in the pages.
  3. RIP Coolio.
  4. NASA blasting an asteroid off its path is just about the coolest thing ever. Google it for more info and a fun treat.
  5. An ode to the idea of an infinite canvas and tools that support that idea.
  6. I’m now actively trying to find a usage for a colash or a semi-colash.
  7. Metaphors of Ed Tech