Sing A Note

Do you remember the old Sesame Street song that encouraged all of us to sing a song? C’mon, if you’re the same vintage as me, you know what I’m talking about. This one? Ah, a stroll down memory lane. On that note… What if you didn’t sing a song but just had to sing one …

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Using Multiple Tools for Content Creation in the Classroom

We’re wrapping up the 2022-2023 school year, and several teachers in my district are continuing their journeys into deeper learning. Rather than freaking out and focusing on end-of-year testing that means nothing (you know I’m right), I’m working with several 8th-grade classes on worthwhile projects. One class is designing tourism resources for Bardstown. If you’re …

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gray and black alien drawing

Doodling a Doodle House

Yes, you read that properly. The YouTube sensation Mr. Doodle (aka Sam Cox) bought a house in 2019. He then spent from 2020-2022 doing what he does best: doodling. He made a stop-motion video of the process. Yes, this is all real. While the doodle is a fantastic achievement, this also speaks to dedication and …

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Stress Reliever: Dirty Dancing with the Muppet Theme

Feeling overwhelmed as the end of the school year approaches? I prescribe this video to bring you some smiles. Thanks to @Pandamoanimum for creating this awesomeness. If you feel so inclined, buy her a cup of coffee. You can also view the video on YouTube: