So… this is my “now” page. It’s a bit different from an “about” page. These are the things I’m focused on right now. I’ll try to keep this updated monthly. Thanks to Derek Sivers for providing the inspiration.

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January 2023

The new year is upon us. As I’m writing this update, it’s the day before my first doctoral classes of the Spring 2023 semester. Already, the excitement and business of the new year are approaching a crazy level.

This month, I shifted my newsletter to two days a week: Tuesdays and Fridays. Fridays are free for anyone to subscribe, and I share “10 Things” that are cool or interesting. Sometimes that includes my own work. On Tuesdays, I focus on more long-form content for paid subscribers. You can sign up for that newsletter right here.

Also, this month, I’m launching a monthly reading list separate from my weekly newsletters. Each month, I’ll share 5-10 books that I’ve read and loved. I’ll give a quick summary of the book, why I recommend it, and how it connects with other books, articles, or other media I’ve come across. You can get access to “Read with Mike” right here. I’ll send the first issue out during the last week of January and the last week of every month thereafter.

My intention is to complete 150 books this year. So far, I’m staying on track and working on creating time in my schedule to read daily. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but when something is important, you make time for it.

I’m keeping track of my reading notes in Notion and will post them on my site. I read tons of non-fiction books, so you can expect to see my major takeaways and thoughts on how the concepts from the book apply in the education world. I also read tons of fiction (mostly sci-fi and fantasy) and will be sharing spoiler-free reviews/summaries as well.

You can also expect some video tutorials on my Notion implementation and how I’m using Obsidian to build a digital Zettelkasten for all my writing.

Oh, one more thing. I turned 46 this month. Happy birthday to me.

Cyas in February.

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December 2022

Currently, I’m prepping for the new year. I begin my second semester of doctoral work in mid-January and am tweaking my productivity processes. I’m also planning for a bigger reading challenge and pushing myself to produce more content.


We’re planning on moving to a new home in 2023. As such, we’re prepping our current home to sell. This takes some time, considering that neither my wife nor I are what you would consider “handy,” but we’re getting there. Yes, we’re staying in the Louisville area.


Our district is working on implementing deeper learning strategies in all schools and rolling out our graduate profile. The work is rewarding but difficult. I’m midway through the year with my first teacher cohort. We have some great ideas for lesson redesign that we hope to implement in the first quarter of 2023.


I’m setting my reading goal for next year at 150 books. That will be a challenge. But, after reviewing my reading stats from 2022, I believe it’s doable. However, I’m also working on getting more out of what I read by writing reviews of each book. Writing those will take longer and may keep me from achieving my goal, but I’m comfortable with that outcome if I can glean more from my reading and share it with others.


I’m getting more comfortable with Obsidian and Notion. Obsidian is becoming my ultimate reference tool and second brain, while Notion becomes my dashboard for everything. More to come on these tools in the coming year.