Thursday Assorted Links

  1. Incorporating Leadership Skills into a Student-Centered Classroom
  2. Breaking Down Project 2025
  3. How Text-to-Speech Technology is Breaking Barriers for Math Learners
  4. How to pick the perfect book to read on a plane
  5. Alabama Department of Education Targeted In Cyberattack
  6. Jimi Hendrix Unplugged: Two Great Recordings of Hendrix Playing Acoustic Guitar
  7. Girls in Tech closes its doors after 17 years

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Monday assorted links

  1. Aaron Sorkin Is Writing Some Kind of ‘Social Network’ Sequel Because ‘I Blame Facebook For January 6’ Riot at the U.S. Capitol
  2. The Student-Led Protests Aren’t Perfect. That Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Right.
  3. Shaping the Future of Learning: The Role of AI in Education 4.0
  4. For philosophy newbs: five thinkers to follow today.
  5. Survey Finds Many Gen Zers Say School Lacks a ‘Sense of Purpose’
  6. Bukowski Reads Bukowski: Watch a 1975 Documentary Featuring Charles Bukowski at the Height of His Powers