MSU Summit 2024

Thanks for attending my session on Design Thinking, Graduate Profiles, and Authentic Learning. You’ll find a copy of the slide deck and links to the resources mentioned here.

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MSU Summit 2024 by Michael Paul


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I’m Mike Paul, the Bullitt County Schools Specialized Programs Instructional Coach. I have the honor of working with teachers and students in various settings, including an advanced math and science program and a virtual academy. Currently, I am a third-year Educational Leadership studies doctoral student at the University of Kentucky; my dissertation chair is Dr. Justin Bathon.

Over my career, I have been lucky enough to become a Google Certified Innovator (and still have the only hole-in-one on the mini-golf course on the roof of Google Toronto) and co-found the Edcamp Kentucky professional development conference.

I have worked with KDE as a math and technology consultant and presented at conferences in and around Kentucky, including KySTE, TeachMeet Kentucky, and EdTechTeam Summits. I was privileged to work on the writing team for the Kentucky Computer Science Standards adopted in 2018. My first national presentation was at FETC 2024. This year, I was awarded a UCEA Graduate Student Research award, working with Drs. Scott McCleod and Jayson Richardson.

Education is my second career. I worked in retail sales, management, and training for twenty years. I built my first website in 1997, launched my first podcast (featured on iTunes) in 2006, and have performed live as a musician and singer for crowds exceeding 15,000 people. Nearly three-quarters of a million people have read my articles and sites.

I publish a semi-daily newsletter about education, technology, geekery, music, and more. You can sign up for free right here.

I am the introvert’s introvert, the geek’s geek. I am a voracious reader of all things speculative fiction, historical fiction, history, and biographies.