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“In November, a man will eat his heart, if in any month.” —Henry David Thoreau, 1852

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week around here with all the things happening: school visits, doctoral work, and the joys of a new puppy at home. I hope your November is off to a great start and that you are heading into the holiday season with hope and love. I know we all have so many things on our plates this time of year and I hope those things bring you joy.

Speaking of things, here’s 10 of them!

10 Things Worth Sharing

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Unboxing Shakespeare’s First Folio

A mesmerizing scene of a Shakespeare First Folio displayed in a grand library, ornate bookshelves reaching to the ceiling, dim ambient lighting casting soft glows on the shelves, intricate woodwork and carvings adorning the room, leather-bound volumes surrounding the Folio, creating an atmosphere of knowledge and intellectual pursuit, Sculpture, marble carving

For proof that Shakespeare’s genius was evident to his contemporaries, look no further than the collection of plays published seven years after his death: Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies (1623), today often called his First Folio.

The First Folio is a collection of 36 plays by William Shakespeare that was published in 1623. One of the most influential books ever published, only about 230 copies are known to have survived. The Victoria and Albert Museum has three copies, and in this video, they lead the viewer on a tour through one of them.