Surprise, Surprise: Teachers Make Less Money Than Their Peers

I’m just going to talk about this for a minute and then move on because I’m pretty sure everyone who cares is aware of this issue by now.

I’m also sure that everyone who doesn’t care about it and/or doesn’t believe it isn’t going to listen to anything I say, regardless of the data backing up my statements.

According to a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute, teachers make about 76.5 cents on the dollar compared to their peers in other comparable professions.

On average, teachers make about 23.5% less than their peers. Unless you’re a teacher in Colorado. Then the gap increases to 35.9%.

Also disturbing, teachers’ inflation-adjusted weekly wages since 1996 have been flat. Flat.

Considering what teachers have been through the past 2.5 years, you’d think something would have changed.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t. I wonder if it ever will.

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